Membership is open to any citizen of the United States 12 years of age or older according to the following provisions:

  • The person must present themselves at a club meeting stating why they want to join. Meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the last Tuesday of the month.

  • The person must have a sponsor or one can be appointed by the club.  Sponsor must be a member in good standing.

  • All persons being proposed for membership have a 90 day probationary period during which they must attend three club functions (meetings or any other shooting event taking place at the club).  Payment of the initiation fee and club dues are due at the time of proposal for membership.  Money paid to the club is refundable if not voted in.  Must appear in person with the sponsor at the time of membership proposal.  Proposed members will be voted on the 3rd meeting after proposal and must be carried by 2/3 members present.

Initiation fee is $50.00

Annual dues are $40.00
Dues can be paid at a club meeting from October until March or mailed to: Allan Case, 5154 Watertank Rd., Glenville, PA  17329.  Include a self addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your membership card to be mailed to you. Otherwise, the card will be available for pick-up at a club meeting.

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12/3/19 - We are Not accepting new membership applications at this time.

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